About JESC 2016

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will take place in Valletta, Malta, after the country's victory last year, on 20th of November. The Medditeranean Conference Centre will be the venue of the 14th edition of the contest, as decided.

During the press conference for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, it was announced by the Reference Group that several changes to the voting format were to be introduced for the 2016 edition. Unlike in previous editions in which the points awarded were a combination of 50% national juries and 50% televoting, from 2016 onwards only the professional juries would be taken into account, bringing an end to the use of televoting for the first time.

Although it is expected that eighteen countries will take part at the 2016 contest, only eight confirmed their participation; Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands and Russia. Slovenia withdrawn from the contest.

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